Covid-19 and breastfeeding

The transmission of COVID-19 through breastmilk has not been reported up to date. It is recommended that the mother with flu should continue to breastfeed the baby by taking the necessary precautions to prevent the transmission of the virus to her baby or feed the baby with expressed breastmilk. Breastfeeding should not be interrupted. Mothers considering weaning should postpone doing so during this period. Stopping breastfeeding for various reasons such as COVID-19 positivity during the pandemic prevents the child from benefiting from immunogenic components, which, in turn, may put the child at greater risk. If the mother has a history of contact with a person diagnosed with COVID-19 or if she is herself a COVID-19 (+) patient treated at home, she should not interrupt breastfeeding.


  • If the mother is infected with COVID-19, she should be isolated in a well-ventilated room.
  • The room should be ventilated frequently.
  • The mother should wear a mask while breastfeeding or expressing her milk.
  • She should wash her hands properly for 20 seconds before breastfeeding.
  • She should not wear accessories such as rings and bracelets.
  • The baby should be kept in a cradle placed about 2 meters from the mother`s bed.
  • Clothes of the baby, mother, and other household members should be washed with normal detergent at 60-90°C.
  • If the mother is expressing her milk with a hand pump or an electric pump, she should wash her hands before touching any part of the pump or the feeding bottle and should clean the pump properly after each use.
Published On: 12.01.2021
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