Diabetes existing before pregnancy: It is seen in 1-3% of women. The more blood sugar control goes well, the more pregnancy goes well. A multidisciplinary approach is needed. Patient should be monitored by obstetrician, endocrinologist and a dietitian. If patient has diabetes for many years, it must be examined that whether there are kidney, heart and retina damages exist or not. If organ damage exists, pregnancy will continue with risk. Anomalies in hearth, neural system and skeletal system are seen more frequently in babies of the patients with a bad prepregnancy sugar control. Patient should become pregnant when her blood sugar control is ideal. Keeping a close watch on blood sugar and insulin dosage adjustments are required during pregnancy, because the insulin amount required will change as the baby grows. Detailed USG and fetal echocardiography should be performed for the baby with respect to the anomalies. Babies of diabetic mothers may be big or small. A close follow-up is required in terms of the growth of the baby. Shoulder dystocia risk and cesarean rate increased in normal delivery of diabetic mothers. Labor should be in a center in which the patient can be monitored in every aspect, labor is managed well and the baby can take a neonatal support. Blood sugar returns to prepregnancy values after delivery.

Pregnancy Diabetics

Pregnancy diabetics is determined by a glucose tolerance test performed in 10-17% of pregnants between 24-28th weeks of pregnancy. Possibility of big baby, thereby injury in baby in course of delivery, hepatitis development in baby after delivery and hospitalizing in neonatal unit decreases with determination and treatment of diabetic mothers. Glucose tolerance test poses no risk for the pregnant and baby. Sugar intake in this test is as much as a bowl of rice pudding or two baklavas. In a sense, it is an amound we consume in daily life. Otherwise, if pregnancy diabetes cannot be determined, the baby may get harmed.

When pregnancy diabetes is determined, diet and exercise are recommended for the patients. If blood sugar measurements are in rise or development of the baby outrides despite diet, insulin may need to be started. If your doctor recommends insulin, do not hesitate to use it. It is not harmful, but beneficiary for your baby.

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