How is Invitro Fertilization Process?

This process is partially specific to the patient. Mostly, same therapy is not implemented for each patient. Age, ovarian reserve, body weight of the woman, in particular and previous experience, if any should all be considered and a treatment protocol is determined.

The approach so-called patient friendly therapy which includes drug use at optimum period and clinic visits are kept reasonable is more popular recently all over the world as well as our country.

Because a considerable number of our patients is in business world. New treatment protocols are developed worldwide to carry out the treatment process of the patients simultaneously with their works for working people.

Drug protocols are also tried to be adapted to this process. It is possible to finalize the treatment by seeing the patients whom we used to see every day within intervals of 3 or 5 days, or several times during whole therapy process.

Published On: 27.01.2018
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