Institutional Prevention Measures Against Covid-19 in Medline Adana Hospital

Due to the pandemic of the novel SARS-CoV2 virus resulting the CoVid-19 disease around the world; in accordance and with Republic of Türkiye Ministry of Health; several precautions and emergency plans are being applied in our hospital since the diagnosis of the first patient in Türkiye on March 11th, 2020. Right now, until further notice, in order to eliminate any contact risk in regular outpatient clinics, outpatient clinic entry is minimized to a single entrance in the ground floor. This entrance is equipped with staff wearing PPE; measuring body temperature with a non-touch device for every person entering the hospital and directing any person with fever to emergency department for evaluation before entering the outpatient area.

Right now, ER is separated into two parts. Initial evaluation is carried out in a tent in front of the main entrance of the ER with staff trained and equipped to divert positive or suspicious patients to Covid ER and the other patients to standard ER. Thus, isolation of non-Covid patients from suspicious cases is established in the first step with great care. If medical status of any suspicious or positive case requires in hospital treatment, this patient will be referred to the dedicated Covid ward with specific transfer protocol according to current guidelines.

5th floor of the hospital is now dedicated to the Covid patients. In this level of service, main stairs entrance of the floor is locked and only pedestrian entrance to the floor is available from service stairs which has ID card control. In this level of service M1 elevator is dedicated to the Covid ward and the other two elevators will be available for service to other patients. The 5TH floor is locked and unavailable for other elevators and the other floors will be locked for the M1 elevator. The staff of the Covid ward is dedicated to the 5th floor and is totally unavailable for service elsewhere. They are equipped and maintained according to the expert advice. The route of transfer from ER and the entrance and exit protocol of the staff are preset with adequate decontamination procedure. There is complete restriction without exceptions for the entrance to the 5th floor other than the essential medical staff. There is digital contact of the patient to the nurse desk in these rooms via equipment in the TV unit of the wardroom in order to minimize the contact of patient with the staff. Also, the vital sign follow-up is available from the central screen in the nurse desk

If any emergency operation indication is emerged in a positive case which is hospitalized; OR room 7 is determined as the Covid OR. This room is equipped with negative pressure properties. At this stage, emergency operations will be carried out only in Rooms 1&2; all elective procedures are carried out in dedicated clean rooms in which Covid patients are never operated. The staff is equipped with complete covering personal protective equipment (complete body covering rompers) inside and is wearing standard operation clothing above this equipment. Also, body covering of the patient is carried out with a sterile plastic non-contact sheet with non-contact intubation facility and the procedure is carried out by video-laryngoscopy in order to achieve one-shot intubation goal.  

For patients who require ICU admission dedicated Covid ICU is equipped with adequate ventilator and staff means. In this scenario, Covid ICU unit is separated from the non-Covid ICU and the entry and exit from the Covid ICU will be according to the current isolation protocols applied in infection prevention committee guidelines.

Since the onset of the outbreak, risk areas in the hospital are determined and the routine cleansing frequency in those areas together with the entire hospital is increased. Postponing the elective cases, which may not ensue any risk to medical condition of a case, is strongly encouraged.

Our Hospital is carrying out every possible prevention measure to overcome the spread of this pandemic and to heal the patients in our care with the best medical care possible.

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Published On: 02.04.2020
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