Medline Adana Hospital Received an Award From Istanbul

Doktorclub Awards 2019 Turkey`s Health Awards found its winners for the third time with a magnificent ceremony held in Istanbul University Ord. Professor Dr. Cemil Bilsel Conference Hall. In the ceremony, which was held with the participation of physicians, academicians and healthcare professionals, Medline Adana Hospital was entitled to receive the “Innovative Practice of the Year” in the category of Private Hospitals and Health Institutions Awards of the Year.

86 finalists competed in 22 categories in the Turkey`s Health Awards event organized in order to guide the works of the health sector professionals and their colleagues, to encourage the implementation of creative, inspiring and innovative ideas in providing health services, to contribute to the projects, research and applications that stand out in the sector by creating difference and awareness. The winners among the finalists were determined with the votes of approximately 20.000 physicians who are Doktorclub Awards members.

Kültür: We have used the artificial intelligence

 Özlem Kültür, Teaching Assistant and the Director of Nursing Services of Private Medline Adana Hospital, who received the award on behalf of her institution from the Gökçe Yaşaran, CEO of Doktorclub Awards, stated in her speech that: "We are healthcare professionals providing services to protect the health of our patients and to follow their healing process in the most effective way. One of the most important parameters in providing this service is to ensure that the hand hygiene is in accordance with the standards, thus, preventing the nosomical infections. The hand hygiene monitoring is carried out based on random observations in the hospitals. However, it is not possible to monitor all the employees with this method and the conformity to the standards cannot be ensured. Our project is not based on observation but rather it is an artificial intelligence work that enables an analysis to be carried out based on objective and tangible data. Application; It includes the principles of coding and uploading the hand washing images that are recorded for 24 hours with the cameras placed in the operating room, intensive care unit and patient clinics according to the criteria of the World Health Organization and uploaded to the database by a trained team. The working principle of the project is the activation of the system by detecting the healthcare employee with a sensor when come in front of the sink to wash their hands. In cases where healthcare employees do not perform surgical or hygienic hand washing in accordance with the standards, artificial intelligence is activated and gives feedback to the employee, so that the employee is directed to the right hand washing. Furthermore, this project is the first and only study in the world and in our country aimed at evaluating and guiding the hand washing effectiveness of the healthcare employees by using artificial intelligence and it is an original project that was found worthy to be supported by TÜBİTAK in 2019."

Published On: 27.01.2020
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