Stuffy Nose in Children May Not Be Always Innocent

Adenoiditis is an insidious disease. Recurrent upper respiratory tract infections can lead to enlarged adenoids in children. This may clog choana (the back of throat) and cause stuffy nose or may block eustachian tubes and lead to ear problems and persistent mouth breathing in 2-6 years old children.

Persistent mouth breathing can cause crooked teeth and facial deformities, and can be associated with the development of craniofacial anomalies such as the adenoid facies also known as the long face syndrome.

Chronic infections can cause health conditions such as bad breath, snoring, sweat on the back of the neck, postnasal drip, and hear loss. This condition can be detected easily by means of endoscopy, ENT examination, and when necessary lateral radiography of the skull. Surgical removal of the adenoid (adenoidectomy) can easily solve the problem.

Published On: 24.07.2019
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