This Disease Loves Children More

Scoliosis is defined as a disease which shows itself with the bend of the spine to right or left, which can be congenital and can progress after birth and which decreases the quality of life seriously. Scoliosis results with deformity and can also cause negative effects on heart and lungs. For that reason, scoliosis comes to the forefront as an important disease which should absolutely be treated by taking that seriously.

It can create life threats

In the scoliosis disease which is named as lateral curvature seen in breast or waist parts of the spine; vertebras do not only change their place laterally, but also they turn around their own axis and cause serious health problems. Scoliosis can be formed both by the spine faults and by genetic factors or diseases progressing in nerve and muscle system. Scoliosis which is seen in 3 of every 100 children all over the world can result in life threats unless it is treated.

It is frequently seen in children

Scoliosis can be seen at all ages from a new born baby to any person at his/her 70-80. However, a typical scoliosis is the one seen in adolescents which arises as a scoliosis with an unknown ground in adolescents. Adolescent type scoliosis is seen in girls frequently. It is thought that there is genetical tendencies, however the real ground is still not known. For that reason, it is advised to families to take their children, especially in between 9-16, to a regular scoliosis control once every 6 months.

It must be treated

Scoliosis is defined as a spine deformity and can result in serious health problems. This disease results in deformity and besides, when it progresses, it can result in negative effects on the heart and lungs. Especially, respiratory insufficiency can be seen depending on the depression of the chest.

Treatment alternatives change

There are 3 kinds of current treatment methods of scoliosis. The disease is followed in early stages of scoliosis, that is to say, in phases where the degrees are small. Because, all curvatures do not progress and some of them can make no progress. Curvatures to progress are treated if those are less than 20 degrees. In case curvature is above 40 degrees, there arises the need to fix scoliosis with surgical operations. The classical method in surgery is fixing operations made by the use of screws placed in the vertebra. The method used in scoliosis with an early start, that is to say, used for the patients younger than 10 years old, is in the form of magnetic bars which allowing the growth of the patient without freezing the spine. These magnetic bars administered with surgery enable the growth of the child by being extended in special policlinics with the help of a special device. Another method is the method of tufting tape whose popularity has been increasing in the latest years. With this method, scoliosis can be fixed and treated to some specific degrees without fusion operation, that is to say, without freezing, with the help of a special band made of polyester material.

Published On: 14.06.2019
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