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Our Quality Management System

One of the strengths of Medline Adana Hospital is its intention to obtain the JCI Accreditation certificate while laying the foundations of our hospital and that it established its quality department before the opening of the hospital. Devamını Oku

Infection Diseases and Clinical Microbiology

The disease caused by a disease-causing microbe entering and settling in the body is called an Infection Disease. Devamını Oku

Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery

Plastic comes from Greek word "plasticos" which means "to shape", " to fit in to a pattern". Reconstructive word has a Latin origin and it means "to make again". Devamını Oku

Intensive Care Units

General Intensive Care Unit Intensive care service is only possible with a multi-directional teamwork. Devamını Oku

Penile Prosthesis - Happiness Stick

Known as happiness stick, penile prosthesis can be safely implemented patients of all ages who has an erectile dysfunction and get no benefit from medication. Devamını Oku

Perinatology - High Risk Pregnancy

Perinatology is the science of high-risk pregnancy. Devamını Oku

Bladder Cancer

Bladder, medical term of urinary bladder, is an important organ in our bodies’ urinary tract. Devamını Oku

Penile Prosthesis

Can be safely used by eligible patients of all ages when required. It is completely placed inside the body, and not noticeable. Patients are sent home in 1 day after the surgery. Used for a lifetime. Devamını Oku

How is Invitro Fertilization Process?

This process is partially specific to the patient. Mostly, same therapy is not implemented for each patient. Devamını Oku

What is Metabolic Surgery

The condition associated with overweight, diabetes, elevated cholesterol and blood pressure levels is called “Metabolic syndrome”. The surgical procedure to treat metabolic syndrome is called “Metabolic Surgery”. Devamını Oku

Our hospital has agreement with many national and international corporations, establishments, foundations, companies and chambers. detailed list.

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