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Alaa Quisi

Clinical Interests

  • Coronary artery disease: Coronary angiography, coronary stenting, and complex and bifurcation coronary intervention. Devamını Oku

Hüseyin Hakan Poyrazoğlu

Professional Experience

  • 16 years of Pediatric Cardio Vascular Surgery experience.
  • Founder of Pediatric Cardio Vascular Surgery Department in Çukurova University. Devamını Oku

Cardiovascular Surgery

The diagnosis and treatment of all diseases related to cardiovascular system are performed in our Cardiovascular Surgery department. Devamını Oku


In our cardiology department we are providing service in compliance with the international standards with our team consisting of experienced specialists and our advanced technology infrastructure. Devamını Oku

Intensive Care Units

General Intensive Care Unit Intensive care service is only possible with a multi-directional teamwork. Devamını Oku

The Importance of Early Detection of Congenital Heart Disease

Sometimes heart diseases are detected in newborn babies. Therefore, in terms of early detection, examining babies before birth is of great importance. Today, 18 to 24 weeks old babies can be examined by means of several tests and imaging techniques. Devamını Oku

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