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The emergency services of our hospital are executed by the Emergency Unit. Our emergency ward which is equipped with modern devices provides uninterrupted service for 24 hours with its experienced and dynamic staff. Devamını Oku


In our department of Ophthalmology, we are applying all ophthalmologic medical and surgical treatments with our physicians who are experts in their fields by using the advanced examination and diagnosis devices. Devamını Oku

Home Health Care

Medline Home Health Care, which is an experienced private health services establishment of Turkey, aims to provide home health care services with a modern, accessible and professional approach. Devamını Oku

Sleep Clinic

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Sleep clinic is a clinic where sleep disorders are diagnosed and treated. It deals with the diagnosis and the treatment of diseases of two different conscious states as being awake and asleep which affect each other. Devamını Oku

Chemotherapy Unit

In our Chemotherapy Unit which operates under our Medical Oncology Department provides outpatient services. Our patients are administered chemotherapy on the patient treatment seats in our unit. Devamını Oku

This Disease Loves Children More

Scoliosis is defined as a disease which shows itself with the bend of the spine to right or left, which can be congenital and can progress after birth and which decreases the quality of life seriously. Devamını Oku

Our hospital has agreement with many national and international corporations, establishments, foundations, companies and chambers. detailed list.

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