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About Turkey

The Republic of Turkey (Türkiye Cumhuriyeti)Foundation : 1923Language : Turkish (uses Latin Alphabet)Flag : Red background with a white crescent and star in the middle. Devamını Oku

8 Ways To Prevent Headaches

Headaches are more likely to occur when you are stressed by busy schedules, and sometimes in the everlasting heavy road traffic. Tension headaches are mostly associated with a feeling of light to mild heaviness and tension in all over the head. Dr. Devamını Oku

Three Measures to Prevent Loss of the Normal Curve in the Neck

Loss of the normal curve in the neck is an important health condition for people who do office work. Sitting at desks, and looking at computer screens for hours, and sedentary lifestyles are some of the major causes of this condition. Devamını Oku

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