Call Center

Services Provided by Medline Adana Hospital Call Center:

  • Making an appointment.
  • Replying the appointment requests from the Internet.
  • Replying the physician consultation requests from the Internet through the consultant physicians.
  • Providing information regarding the hospital, outpatient clinics, special procedures and physicians.
  • Providing information regarding consultation and examination fees.
  • Providing information regarding the contracted providers, insurance companies and public enterprises.
  • Providing the address and telephone information of the closest pharmacy in duty per district.
  • Providing information regarding transportation to the hospital and the outpatient clinic.
  • Directing our patients who do not know which department to apply through the consultant physician
  • E-prescription inquiries

Medline Adana Hospital Call Center provides continuous services 365 days through the following phone numbers;

  • +90 444 00 64
  • +90 322 455 25 50
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Our hospital has agreement with many national and international corporations, establishments, foundations, companies and chambers. detailed list.

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