Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Come To Your Hospital?

You may find the detailed address information, plan and public transportation vehicle numbers in our contact page.

I have an acknowledgment, complain. How can I submit it? 

  • by sending an email at
  • electronically by using the Contact -> Contact Form page.
  • by calling our patient rights specialists from +90 322 455 2550 to be forwarded to the responsibles.
  • by sending a mail at the following address:

Our Mailing Address: Belediye Evleri Mah. Turgut Özal Bulvarı No: 234 Çukurova ADANA (TURKEY) 

How can I learn about the changes and developments in your hospital? 

You can learn about all the developments in our hospital and in the world of healthcare by following the announcements section of our website.

How can I obtain information about my disease?  

You can use the list of physicians provided on Departments page to find a physician related to the disease.

I have health insurance. Can I benefit from the services of your hospital? 

In our website you may find the complete list of the contracted institutions including all the organizations, companies, foundations, banks, entities and chambers, and particularly SSI. You may check from there.

Can our relatives living abroad be treated at your hospital? 

Our hospital is open for its international visitors and it has many international patients. It has numerous employees who know English, German, Arabic, Russian and Kurdish.

Which services does your website provide to the patients and visitors?

By using our website;

  • You may make appointments electronically (by using e-appointment service).
  • You may get the results of the analysis and the examinations you had in our hospital (by using e-result service).
  • You may send a get well wish message to your patient staying at our hospital (by using e-get well wish service).
  • You may consult to our physicians regarding your health problems (from the "send email" tab on the physician detail pages).
  • You may get information from the authorities regarding many topics that occupy your mind by regularly following the TV shows of our physicians (you may access from Physician TV Shows page).
  • You may find detailed information regarding our medical departments, physicians and practices.
  • You may review the patient, visitor and attendant policies of our hospital and learn about your rights.
  • You may follow our periodical health bulletins and obtain important information regarding your health (by using e-bulletins page).

Are the information on your website current?

In our website the following pages are kept up-to-date at all times:

  • Our Physicians;
  • Our Departments;
  • Our Practices.

Besides, you may reach the most recent information about our hospital from the news and annoucements sections.

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Our hospital has agreement with many national and international corporations, establishments, foundations, companies and chambers. detailed list.

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