Patient Guide

Dear Patient and Patient Relatives,

As Private Medline Adana Hospital our purpose here is to introduce you your room, to settle and to make yourselves comfortable as soon as possible. We hope you may feel yourselves comfortable in our hospital by using the Patient Guide.

Patient Relations Service

Taking the opinions and views of all our patients and their relatives who obtained service from our hospital, evaluating all the opinions reported with the support of the relevant unit executives to increase our service quality, providing feedback to our reporting patient regarding the planning after the evaluation are among the services provided by our Patient Relations Department for you and for the improvement of our hospital with your contributions.

We share your acknowledgments and positive views with anyone whose name and department you mentioned and with the superiors of our personnel you appreciated.

Your complaints and negative views are handled not only by our Patient Relations department but also by our senior executives for solution purposes.

You may submit your opinions, recommendations, complaints and views to the Patient Relations Department through the following channels;

  •  by sending an email at
  • electronically by using the Contact -> Contact Form page.
  • by filling in the surveys located at the wards and at the waiting rooms.
  • by requesting a face to face meeting from the hospital executives.
  • by calling our patient rights specialists from +90 322 455 2550.
  • by sending a mail at the following address:

Our Mailing Address: Belediye Evleri Mah. Turgut Özal Bulvarı No: 234 Çukurova ADANA (TURKEY)

Flowers at the Rooms

We do not allow flowers in the rooms at inpatient wards due to infection risks. The flowers sent to you are accepted by the reception with a flower card and you are provided with a preliminary information through telephone.

During the day, your flower cards are submitted to you between 17:00 - 18:00 by our hostesses. If you would like to get your cards before these hours, please notify our personnel. Your flowers are delivered to you from the reception after the discharging procedures or to your relative upon the submission of the flower cards provided to you.

Our Porter Service

During your admission or discharge procedures, our Porters will accompany you.  Besides, our staff will be pleased to help you during your transfers between the units.

Refrigerator / Mini Bar Service

In each room there is a mini refrigerator. During your stay at our hospital you may store some foods and beverages you may need. You use of the mini bar with the prices on the mini bar lists will be checked on a daily basis and included to your room charges. We would like to remind you to keep the door of the refrigerator closed and not to put foods which may give off smell.


You will find the remote control of your television available at the room. The control system does not allow you to find and set a channel other than those included in the list.

Personal Care Service

During your stay at your room, the following personal care products are made available and replenished for your comfort.

  • Hair dryer
  • Disposable slippers
  • Sewing kit

Prayer Room

In order to help you to fulfill your religious obligations, we have a prayer room at floor -1. In this room there are some materials like religious books, prayer beads, scarf. Besides, in the lockers in your room you may find the arrows indicating the direction to place the prayer rug and the kiblah.

Laundry Service

You can give give your laundries which you would like to be cleaned to the housekeeper by putting them into the laundry bag in your locker. Your clothes which require dry cleaning will be delivered the next day and others will be delivered the same day. Our laundry unit provides service between 08:00 am and 12:00 pm.

Catering Service

Our hospital`s catering service is provided in two different ways which are inpatient/attendant food and cafeteria/restaurant service at the entrance floor.

Patient Catering Service

For the patients who are on diet and for our attendants to chose the food they like, a menu is distributed a day in advance. The food is served to the patient rooms by the floor waiters. Our dietitian is your closest consultant regarding your diet and problems about the meals. The patients may choose the foods suitable for their diets from the menus recommended by our physicians and dietitians. It is strictly forbidden to bring food outside the hospital. For our patients staying at VIP floors, there is an ala carte menu service. You may choose whatever you want from these menus.

Line Cafe

Our cafeteria, which is open for 24 hours, welcomes the day with bakery products, toasts and pastries, and with a breakfast service. It serves soups and grilled foods, menu of the day, fast food, diet menu options and cold and hot beverages to our guests during the day in two separate areas allocated for smokers and non-smokers.

Daily Newspaper and Magazine Service

You may find newspapers and magazines at the cafeteria at the entrance. Our VIP floor guests may benefit from our free of charge newspaper service by notifying the supervising nurse one day in advance. For our guests staying on other floors, the newspapers they request are sold upon cash between 08:30 am and 09:30 am at their floors.


Our personnel who welcomed you with a smile at the moment your entered our hospital would be pleased to assist you for the following services:

  • To answer the questions of all patients and patient relatives coming to our hospital.
  • To assist the patients by guiding.
  • To provide information regarding the extension numbers of our physicians and the inpatient room numbers.
  • To assist you and call a taxi for you for 24 hours whenever you need a taxi.
  • To ensure that you may find our guiding brochures which will facilitate your access within the hospital at the reception and on the desks at each floor.

Our inpatients may reach the staff at the reception by dialing 1075 or 1003.


There is a parking area at the hospital with a capacity of 270 vehicles which may fulfill your parking need.

"Emergency Ward Entrance" is allocated for ambulance services and patient transfers. We would like to thank you for not parking to that area.


Your security is essential for us. The security guards who are in charge for 24 hours within the building are responsible for controlling the packages brought to the hospital and for identity checks within the hospital when necessary.

Nonetheless, we request you not to leave your personal belongings, valuable documents and certificates unattended and we would like you to remind that your personal belongings are in your responsibility.

Our patients and their attendants may use the safe allocated for their disposal to store their valuable belongings. You may reach the security guards by dialing 1824.


To establish a wireless connection from your laptops in your rooms, you may obtain information from the supervisors in your ward. You may use the Internet service free of charge.
Legally, we are performing logging procedures in our hospital. The access of our guests using the passwords they get from the IT department with their TR ID number are kept under control.


The telephone in your room is open to external calls upon your admission to the room. The extension of your room is the same as your room number. For internal phone calls refer to the phone book. The calls other than those from the single rooms are made through the operator. For the numbers you could not reach or for unknown numbers you may dial 9 (Operator) and request help.

Coiffure Service

The contracted hair dressers of our hospital provide service to both the male and female patients against remuneration. You may reach them by requesting assistance from the supervising nurses.

Mothers and Babies

First of all, we congratulate you for stepping into motherhood which is one of the most divine values of the world. Our hospital provides services special to you on these very special days.

Special Baby Room Decoration

To prevent the unnecessary loss of time by visiting the companies to decorate the room where you will stay after delivery, an organization company is provided to exhibit its products in our hospital. Besides,the doors of all baby rooms are being decorated with the wreaths prepared by this company. For the room decoration and other organizational support, you can get a brochure from the desks and contact. You can get the necessary preliminary information from the Admission/Discharge department at the entrance, from the Obstetrics and Gynecology Clinic and from the displays in the inpatient wards.

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