Audiology Unit

Audiology means "discipline examining hearing" in medicine. Specialists serving in this field examine problems with hearing.

Audiology unit is the unit where many tests used in diagnostics of Ear Nose Throat diseases are performed. Tests are being performed by an Audiometrist and our specialist physicians evaluate the test results. Audiometric test is the test performed in a quiet cabin to determine the level and type of loss of hearing, clarity of speech and discomfort threshold.

What does the word hearing mean?

Hearing is the perception of acoustic energy as sound. As these definitions also bring forward, sound and hearing subjects form the main element of ear health, which is our hearing organ. Private Medline Adana Hospital Audiology Unit functions dependently to our Otolaryngology Unit. A team consisting of experts is serving with modern devices in this unit.

What are the practices of our unit?

Surveys which are needed to be performed regarding the examination of the ear`s ability to hear in humans are combined under the title of audiometry. Audiometry is defined as the ”psychophysics interference" applied for measuring the hearing ability by monitoring the person`s reactions to aural stimulants.

The procedures within the scope of this definition are performed by audiometrists in Audiometry Laboratory.

Audiometry survey is required for resolving the aural problems. The person`s loss of hearing is determined in a quiet cabin with audiometry device and tympanography device. The data required for diagnostics and treatment are obtained by evaluation of type and level of loss of hearing by our specialists.

Resolving the loss of hearing may require using a hearing aid. Outer ear molds are prepared and type of the hearing aid is determined according to the evaluations. The adjustments and repairs of hearing aids are also done within the scope of these works.

The studies of Audiology Unit are supported by our hospital`s advanced technology hardware.

Otoacoustic Emission Test

It is an objective test used as a scan test for determination of hearing in newborn babies and it also shows whether there are any loss of hearing caused by inner ear or not. Otoacoustic emission test, which reveals whether hearing is normal or not, is performed for every newborn baby in our hospital.

Pure Tone Audiogram

  • SISI Test
  • Tone Decay Test
  • SRT (Sound recognition threshold)
  • SP (Speech perception)
  • MCL (Maximum comfortable levels)
  • UCL (Upper control limit)

Tympanometric Tests

These are the tests performed by giving noises to the ear. The movement of the eardrum, movement of tympanum ossicle and the operation of eustacia tubes are tested.

  • Tympanogram
  • Acoustic Reflexes
  • Reflex Decay
  • Eustacia Tube Function Tests
  • Metz Recruitment Test
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