Check-Up Unit

Check-Up, or in other words "periodic health screening", is a series of examinations for those who do not have any complaints for the early diagnosis of some diseases which does not have any symptoms so far.

Why Check-Up?

Most of the time, as long as you feel yourself healthy, you may find going to a hospital, visiting your physician or going through some tests unnecessary. However, everyone is under several risks regarding their health. Many unique factors from our habits to familial tendencies (diabetics, heart diseases, cancer, etc. history in the family) determine the risks regarding your health. At this point, check-up plays an important role in the early diagnosis of our diseases. To be aware of our health and to avoid from severe health problems in the future, it is enough to spend couple of hours for yourself and have a check-up.

"Minimize the Risks with a Check-Up Program Dedicated to You"

Unlike the standard check-up programs prepared according to different age and sex groups, we analyze your lifestyle, personal characteristics and familial tendencies, determine the risks specific to you in light of the data obtained and provide a check-up program in accordance with your priorities.

The Benefits of Our Hospital`s Check-Up Programs

  • We provide service with an experienced team who closely follows the latest developments and researched in medical science.
  • We work with advanced laboratory techniques.
  • While evaluating the check-up results, we pay an ultimate attention.
  • We provide translation support to our foreign patients.
  • We keep the results of your check-up and reports in digital medium.
  • We host you in private areas within our hospital.
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