Medical Oncology


The branch of medicine which studies tumors. It is a term created by combining the Latin words Oncos (=swelling) and logos (=science).


Chemotherapy refers to treating a tumor with medications. Together with surgery and radiotherapy, it is an important part of tumor treatment. With chemotherapy the tumor cells are destroyed and it is intended to stop the growth of the tumor. Sometimes a single and sometimes multiple drugs are administered in several ways.

Medical Oncology

The branch of science which deals with chemotherapy is called "Medical Oncology" and the physician working in this field is called "Medical Oncologist". Medical oncology is a separate specialty. A medical oncologist is an internal medicine specialist who specialized in tumor treatment. Tumor treatment is a team work and it should definitely be practiced in centers where all the members of this team are present. This team should involve a surgeon, a radiation oncologist for the radiotherapy, and a medical oncologist for the chemotherapy and patient care (supportive care).

The medical oncology department of our hospital provides service with specialists who are renowned in our city, region and even in our country.

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