Pediatric Health and Diseases (Pediatrics)

Besides treating children between newborn-16 age, we are also serving in "Protective Medical Services" to prevent future diseases in our Pediatric Health and Diseases Department.

In our department;

  • Reliable Pediatric Monitoring
  • Protective Pediatric Health Services
  • Early Diagnosis and Treatment of Pediatric Diseases
  • Evaluation of Their Growths and Developments
  • Evaluation and Monitoring of Their Social and Psychological Development Together with Inoculation and Patient Monitoring
  • Generating and Monitoring of Inoculation Program
  • Childhood Scans
  • Dietary Training and Healthy Diet Suggestions
  • Family Training
  • Childhood asthma, urinary incontinence
  • Chronic diseases (frequent infection, congenital diseases proper, in place support of relatives and family)

In Our Newborn Department;

  • Deliveries performed under the supervision of a pediatric specialist
  • Monitoring and follow up in incubator
  • Newborn hepatitis monitoring
  • Breast feeding consultant and solution suggestions for breast feeding problems
  • Newborn care training

are provided for our patients by using the most recent, most correct methods and modern technology tools and equipment approved by international medicine authorities, who are specialists in their fields.

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