Angiography Unit

Our angiography unit which is a part of our cardiology department; can successfully perform all kinds of procedures and surgeries such as angio (from groin and arm), angioplasty, stent, varicosis by a strong staff consisting of specialists, assistant professors and professors.

Our cardiology department, which accepts many local and international patients, and angiography unit have become a reference center with the low mortality and morbidity and high success rates.

Coronary Angiography

The main task of our heart is to ensure feeding of all of our organs constituting our body by providing blood circulation through vessels. Meanwhile, our heart is also needed to be fed. Blood vessels feeding the heart are called coronary arteries and the disease blocking these arteries is called coronary artery disease. Coronary artery disease may result in heart attack and it is today`s most important cause of death around the world. Coronary artery imaging (scanning) procedure for people who are suspected of having coronary artery disease is called coronary angiography (heart angio).

Two important questions are answered with coronary angiography. First, whether any critical obstruction exist in vessels feeding the heart (coronary arteries) and then how to treat these obstructions in the vessels are answered (while some of the obstructions can be cured by medication, angioplasty and stent procedures are required for some obstructions and bypass surgery is required for others).

The procedure is performed by advancing thin tube called catheters (approximately 2mm diameter and 100cm length) all the way to the heart through groin or hand artery. Local anesthesia is used during the procedure (patient is awake). The procedure usually takes 10-15 minutes. The required controls are done after the procedure and the patient is discharged in a few hours.

As in every medical procedure, risks, although very few, exist. Risks such as heart attack, stroke and death may occur 1/1000 (one in a thousand) rate in the procedure.

Reasons for performing Coronary Angiography:

  • Diagnostics and determining the phase of coronary artery disease, cardiac valve disease or aorta vessel disease.
  • Evaluation of cardiac muscle function.
  • Determining the advanced treatment methods (angioplasty and stent, coronary bypass surgery, interfering or surgical response for cardiac valve)
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