Intensive Care Units

General Intensive Care Unit

Intensive care service is only possible with a multi-directional teamwork. It is not possible to provide effective and quality life support and treatment in an intensive care unit without 24 hours support of all surgical and internal branches, laboratory with state of the art technology and imaging center. "General Intensive Care Unit" of our hospital, which uses "advanced technology" in every unit, also has similar advanced technological equipment.

In our intensive care ward optimal support is provided for all critical patients starting from age one and all serious emergency cases are responded immediately and effectively. General Intensive Care Unit is at service for 24 hours with its experienced staff. Our patients are under personal nurse monitoring and their treatments are performed by experienced intensive care physicians. No compromises are made from scientific and ethical approach in the General Intensive Care Unit under no circumstances.

The General Intensive Care Unit, where all critical patients are accepted starting from the age of one, has all the required technical and personnel support to immediately respond to

  • All trauma (head trauma, chest trauma, serious fractures, all body traumas, etc.) patients,
  • Cerebral hemorrhages,
  • Paralyzes,
  • Serious respiratory failures,
  • Acute and chronic kidney failures,
  • Nervous system diseases (Myasthenia Gravis, Guillain–Barre syndrome, etc.)
  • Serious infections,
  • Intoxications,
  • Serious wounds,
  • Serious burns,

and many other critical diseases.

Newborn Intensive Care Unit

Our Newborn Intensive Care Unit provides necessary support for all the babies in need of intensive care. It unites babies with their families in short time with its modern medical hardware, in light of up to date information, and provides necessary sources for education and training of families.

The Newborn Intensive Care Unit provides advanced level of care for premature delivery, multi pregnancy, babies of mothers with diabetics, large babies, babies swallowed meconium in their mother`s womb, babies with high risks such as brain and other organ damages due to hard delivery.

Mechanical ventilation (ventilation treatment), exchange transfusion, phototherapy (light treatment), percutaneous catheter applications (vascular access from venules in arms and legs to heart), total parenteral nutrition (complete feeding through vascular access), thorax tube application (lungs air leak treatment), invasive blood pressure monitoring (untouched blood pressure measurement from artery), patient side EEG (brain electro), patient side ECG (Heart ultrasound), patient side USG (ultrasound for evaluation of brain and other internal organs), retinopathy examination (eye examinations of newborn babies) are also performed in the Newborn Intensive Care Unit.

CVS Intensive Care Unit

Cardiovascular Surgery (CVS) Intensive Care Unit`s task is uninterrupted monitoring and support of vital functions of patients who had or will have cardiovascular surgery. The CVS Intensive Care Unit is one of the more successful units of our hospital which is the first in our region to get an international JCI Quality Certification.

Our CVS Unit, which is a reference center in our region, is trustfully preferred especially in hard cases and extreme patients. Even though critical patient rate is high among surgery candidates, complication rates (paralyzes, infection-pneumonia, mediastinitis, sepsis and death rate) are at the lowest level.

Coronary Intensive Care Unit

Coronary Intensive Care is a specialized unit in which patients under serious life threat with cardiac diseases are intensively, continuously and closely monitored and even the slightest changes in the vital signs are determined and immediately responded.

Private Medline Adana Hospital Coronary Intensive Care unit is established in a best way to respond this need. Our unit can serve 24 hours uninterrupted under supervision of the specialists.

Patients being treated for diseases other than cardiac, who needs to be closely monitored in cardiac terms during these treatments, are also staying in our unit as well as patients who had heart attacks, are under heart attack threat, are in shock due to a cardiac disease and with rhythm problems with support required or with rhythm problems with response required. Also patients who had cardiac surgeries are usually kept in Coronary Intensive Care unit for 2 days and they experience orientation and recovery periods here.

Our Hospital`s Coronary Intensive Care unit is equipped with the state of the art technological and modern devices, continuous monitoring of EKG, blood pressure, pulse, blood oxygen level, respiratory failure, body temperature are performed and these specifications are also able to be monitored at the main counter simultaneously.

Central oxygen system is present in our Hospital`s Coronary Intensive Care unit and the room is designed in a best way considering patients` comforts. The visiting hours of our unit is limited to prioritize patients` healths. However additional applications can be done considering patients` needs.

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